Workers value a good atmosphere, research shows

A good atmosphere in the workplace is the most important factor for employee satisfaction.

In the Attitudes to Work survey of 472 UK public and private sector workers by IFF Research, a good atmosphere was rated as very important by 82% of private sector workers and 88% of those in the public sector.

Pay and financial reward came further down the list of importance. Two-thirds (64%) of private sector workers rated it very important, compared with 47% of public sector staff.

Pensions were more often offered in the public sector (63%) than in the private sector (43%), unlike health insurance, offered at 39% of private sector employers but just 10% of respondents from the public sector.

Across the two sectors, the other most common perks on offer were bonuses based on the overall performance of the organisation (19%), bonuses based on individual performance (11%), and staff discounts (10%).

Jan Shury, joint managing director at IFF Research, said the findings showed a greater proximity between public and private sector staff than expected in some areas.

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