ICE launches electronic eyecare voucher

In January 2010 Intelligent Corporate Eyecare (ICE) will launch a single voucher, covering both eye test and spectacles which will be passed electronically from the employer directly to the employee.

Eligible employees can choose between a basic pair of lenses and frames, or a £25 contribution towards glasses of their choice, and can go to an optician of their choice.

Employees not eligible for glasses for VDU use will receive a contribution towards the cost of their private prescription spectacles.

Because the vouchers are supplied to employers electronically, administration is reduced and it is easier to manage budgets and view costs.

Frances Duncan, Managing Director commented: “We realised that the VDU compliance offerings had not kept up with modern technology, environmental concerns, and the needs of business for cost savings in tough economic times.

“We are incredibly excited about the launch of Intelligent Corporate Eyecare, which will have an incredibly positive impact on employers, employees, opticians, and the environment.”

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