Comic bails out of gig for debt collectors

Employees working for debt-collecting firm Cabot Financial must be used to colourful avoidance strategies and people on the run.

However, they were probably not expecting comic Michael McIntyre to turn down £28,000 and pull out of hosting a Christmas gig bosses put on for staff at the O2 Arena.

It was reported that McIntyre’s swift departure infuriated the firm’s bosses, who had booked him to act as compere for the £200,000 event. It transpired the comic could not perform when he realised what the firm did because of his moral conscience and his own previous problems with debt.

A spokesperson for Cabot Financial said: “All we can say is that we were disappointed Michael McIntyre did not attend the show, but as far as we are concerned the matter is closed.”

Cabot Financial did not confirm whether they had found a replacement comedian who was more sympathetic to its cause. The trouble is debt collecting and humour do not always coincide.