Morris & Spottiswood offers hybrid cars to clean up fleet

Morris & Spottiswood has cleaned up its fleet by limiting its company car selection to just two models, both of which run on environmentally-friendly hybrid fuel.

The building company, which specialises in fit-outs for large retailers, housing development and maintenance, previously offered a choice of 15 diesel cars that emitted an average of about 200g of carbon dioxide per kilometre.

From October, employees with company cars were limited to choosing between a Honda Civic Hybrid, which emits 109g/km or a Toyota Prius at 104g/km, both provided by Lex.

Tony Hampson, fit-out managing director, said: “We are making substantial savings on lease and fuel costs by having solely hybrid vehicles, and are therefore able to offer top-of-the range cars for our drivers.

“In a year’s time, we hope the entire fleet will be eco-friendly hybrid cars.”

The move came after Morris & Spottiswood invited all its 600 UK employees to provide suggestions on how to improve its green benefits offering in September. Staff who made the best proposals were rewarded with bikes and ethical food hampers.

The firm is also building a bike shelter at its premises and has centralised recycling units in the offices to cut down on waste.