Case Study: Amey

Amey uses clever communication techniques to boost the value of its voluntary benefits scheme in employees’ eyes.
The consultancy, which works in the highway, railway and property sectors, has 9,000 staff working across 100 sites.
Mark Bradshaw, head of reward and policy, says: “”Communication is always an interesting challenge because a lot of our people work on client sites and so may not be easily accessible through the usual communication channels. A large number are either not online, or able to access our network due to client security, so we continually look at ways to make sure we engage our people.”” The company uses roadshows, desk drops, magazines and postcards to sell the voluntary benefits scheme. “”There is [also] more information available [from the HR department] for those who want to know more,”” explains Bradshaw.
The firm’s HR department has also created employee champions who can rave about the perks to their workmates. “”We train our engagement and wellbeing champions, located at the various sites, to communicate different initiatives to colleagues,”” adds Bradshaw.
Launched in 2006, the voluntary benefits scheme includes a wide range of benefits from gym membership to experience days. It also has an emphasis on salary-sacrifice perks, including childcare vouchers and bikes for work.