Senior managers more engaged than other staff

Employees’ job roles have an impact on engagement with senior managers being more engaged than colleagues in professional or support roles. Only 14% of professionals and 18% of support staff are highly engaged in their job, compared with 41% of senior managers, according to a study of engagement levels among 1,800 employees across nine public and private sector organisations, conducted by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES).

Its report, Engagement: the continuing story also revealed that a mere 3% of senior managers were disengaged, compared with 14% of professionals and 11% of support staff. Employees’ engagement levels increase in proportion to their development opportunities, with 40% of respondents who thought that their development opportunities were good or excellent being highly engaged.

While there was almost no difference in engagement scores between full time and part time staff, only 9% of those working during the days were disengaged, compared with 14% who worked at night or on a shift basis.

In general, conducting a performance review or training within the last 12 months had a positive impact on employees’ engagement levels.