Coca-Cola plans to convert drivers to ‘greener’ vehicles

Coca-Cola Enterprises is considering a number of new initiatives designed to shift drivers to greener vehicles and help reduce the impact that its 1,200-strong fleet has on the environment.

The drinks manufacturer aims to reduce its fleet’s CO2 emissions from its current average of 160 grams per kilometre to 120 grams per kilometre.

Tom Sayer, fleet manager at the firm, said: “We’re going to be looking at the fleet in the new year because we want to get more people in green diesel vehicles and out of petrol cars.”

Limiting choice of vehicles to those models which produce carbon emissions below a certain level is one route that the manufacturer is contemplating.

The option of adding more green vehicles to the firm’s car scheme, such as half-battery half-petrol, cars, is also being discussed.

But, issues relating to green vehicles, such as the lack of re-fuelling stations for liquefied petroleum gas cars, are causing concern. “We will try to encourage more drivers into hybrid vehicles but there is a concern this type of car may go stale, and become hard to pass on to other employees [within the fleet],” said Sayer.†