BSkyB launches financial education programme

BSkyB has launched a financial education programme with workshops, face-to-face advice sessions and online guides for its UK employee population.

The step has been taken by the media firm to ensure a good return on its benefits investment, and to help staff understand financial issues both at work and home.

The new programme, called Money Matters, was launched with a week of office-based presentations during November.

Topics included managing debt, saving and understanding financial language. Employees from the firm’s pensions department were also on hand to answer pensions-related queries.

The sessions, which were all voluntary, were funded by the firm, and staff had the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each presentation.

Staff could also arrange one-to-one meetings with financial advisers, though these meetings were employee-funded.

Dev Raval, group head of reward, said: “A lot of people need help managing pay, credit cards and bills, for instance.”

Web-based guides on various financial topics have also been produced for staff to access via the company intranet.

The media firm plans to analyse which of these issues are the most popular among staff and whether there is a need to run workplace presentations on these topics.

“The week of presentations was really to kick start the programme, which is to be web based going forward. We’ll see what works and on which areas employees want details, and then we may do more presentations and sessions in the future,” said Raval.