Staff undervalue Christmas parties

Almost two thirds of workers (63%) would prefer not to go to their staff Christmas party, while 20% think that they are awful and would do anything they could to avoid going.

According to research from YouGov and Croner, 43% of respondents said that Christmas parties are “okay” but they would rather be somewhere else. Less than a third of staff (32%) said that employers should offer an organised company Christmas party.

The main reason that respondents’ gave lack of festive spirit is a reluctance to socialise with colleagues outside work (41%). They are also reluctant to get drawn into gossip (11%) and are †concerned about the cost (12%).

More than one in ten of the 1,209 respondents (12%) said that they had had a bad experience at a Christmas party in the past.

Jo Pitts, employment adviser at Croner, said: “The findings of the survey highlight that organised big Christmas work bashes are becoming a thing of the past. Many business are now culturally diverse and big bashes may not appeal to the entire workforce.

“Employers wishing to thank their employees for their efforts throughout the year are looking for suitable alternatives which meet the needs of all employees.”