Cardif Pinnacle beefs up benefits communication

Cardif Pinnacle has beefed up the communication of its UK benefits by launching a new benefits website and running roadshows.

The employer also plans to review its benefits package with the aim of increasing employee choice, and further aligning its benefits with group parent company, BNP Paribas.

Employees at insurance company Cardif Pinnacle previously had access to a list of benefits on the company intranet but they can now access a new benefits-dedicated website via the intranet. It explains all the benefits available and advises employees on how to take them up.

Roadshows are also being run this month to explain to the 670 employees the extent of the benefits available to them.

At the same time a questionnaire will also be distributed to staff asking them which of their benefits they appreciate and what new benefits they would like. Vicky Rose, senior HRD analyst, anticipates that as a result changes will be made increase employee choice of benefits and to align them further with those of group parent company, BNP Paribas.