Revelation Healthcare allows overseas surgery

Revelation Healthcare has launched a service that enables employees to travel abroad for medical treatment, claiming employers can save up to 60% on costs.

Using preferential arrangements with foreign treatment centres, the healthcare trust provider negotiates package deals for employees that include their travel arrangements.The cost is then deducted from the employers’ healthcare trust fund.

According to the company, its Overseas Treatment Option, which launched last month, can potentially result in savings of 20% for treatments in Europe and savings of up to 60% if staff are treated in India. It is primarily aimed at treatments worth in excess of £5,000.

Malcolm Jones, managing director, claimed that the service was among the first of its kind. "[Foreign treatment] prices are phenomenal and their facilities are staggering. The length of time [employees] are away from the office is probably no different to the UK, and if there is a complication and an outpatient consultation [is necessary], we’ve arranged for that to happen back in the UK," he added. The plan also covers treatment carried out in the UK.