News International prints reward statements

News International Newspapers has introduced total reward statements for its 3,800 employees to underline the value of its benefits package.

The company, which publishes titles such as The Sun and The Times, distributed paper statements in November ahead of launching an online system this month.

Charlie Kerrigan, head of HR support services, said: “It really was to show everybody not just what their salary means to them but the whole package. On average, the package is 22% to 25% greater than the standard salary. It was bringing the message home to everybody that when you look at it as a package it is probably the best in the media.”

He added that the statements provided a benchmark for employees. “In the media, we’re a bit insular when we try and benchmark ourselves. You get people that come and say ‘the BBC get this, the BBC get that’. We actually did a survey and found that with our package, if we weren’t the best at salaries or at providing medical [perks], then we were second.”

Employees have provided positive feedback about the statements, which were supplied by Motivano.

“People didn’t realise what a good deal they had. Some guys are using the statement to go and try to enhance their mortgages,” said Kerrigan.

The company’s benefits package includes a private medical insurance scheme, health screening, a sharesave scheme and an 11% employer contribution to a defined contribution pension plan.