News update – Arriva HCI on track

Arriva has launched a home computing scheme (HCI) and childcare vouchers to help its benefits package attract a wider pool of employees. The transport company has a predominantly male workforce, but for instance is working to attract more female bus drivers.

Lynn Perry, HR development executive, said: "We’re taking positive action to increase the number of women that are attracted to bus driving. We have a very strong diversity business case. It’s about wanting to ensure we employ the best talent there is out there and that means attracting a wider pool of people."

Arriva launched childcare vouchers for up to 21,500 employees in October and a home computing scheme in November. Qualification for the offers is a single year’s service.

It is unusual for organisations in this sector to launch benefits through salary sacrifice arrangements because staff are typically on low pay, but Arriva has put a mechanism in place to identify employees at risk. So far, 2.5% of employees have taken up the home computing initiative.