News update – Law firm launches Aecop in City drive

Norton Rose has launched an all-employee car ownership plan (Aecop) in a bid to raise the stakes for law firm perks. It hopes to get a lead on City competitors by offering its 8,000 staff cut price cars.

Mandy Campbell, pensions and benefits manager, said: “There was increasing coverage of other companies that have done licensing schemes, but I don’t think there are any other law firms that have done this yet.

“In the law field it’s not common to have company cars. They are all based in central London so they don’t have to drive around or anything.”

Employees can arrange leases of 24 months or 36 months with fleet provider Alphabet. Included in the monthly cost are maintenance and a breakdown service, but it not insurance. Campbell said: “It’s good for people who want to know how much they are going to be spending on cars each month. They don’t have to pay a deposit up front either – it’s just directed via direct debit on a monthly basis.”

Cars on offer include BMWs, VWs and Minis. “They can have any car but on those ones the rates are more preferential,” she added. The scheme was communicated via an intranet and desk-drops to staff. It will be re-emphasised every four-to- six months to keep interest going.

Campbell said that although the scheme was only launched last month, there has been a good deal of initial interest. “We’ve had quite a few enquires at the help desk. We haven’t had company car drivers before, so it’s something that’s fairly new for our employees.”