Is fleet safety being kicked to the curb?

Despite health and safety being a hot topic throughout the fleet industry, the majority of organisations are not actually doing much about it.

Some 79% of employers have not compiled a fleet risk management strategy. And while 17% plan to, only 4% have actually implemented one.

Kwik-Fit Fleet’s Profit through safety survey, compiled by Nottingham Business School’s Centre for Automotive Industries Management, also shows that there is a large percentage of firms which are not discussing their company car policies at the top of the organisational tree. Some 17% do not consider it a board issue and 21% have never discussed any element of the policy with board directors.

Driver training is currently considered the biggest issue that contributes to vehicle safety, with 38% believing this. However, 66% of firms do not provide driver training to employees and only 16% provide it on a selected at risk basis.

But a large proportion of those organisations that have taken steps to improve their fleet safety – including introducing checks such as safety codes, more stringent maintenance testing and vehicle and licence checking – claim to be saving money.

Copies of the Profit through safety report can be purchased at a cost of £99 by calling 01727 840 206.Source: Nottingham Business School