Proactive initiative to healthcare

A new health scheme designed to encourage staff to take better care of themselves has been launched by the Healthpeople Group.
The scheme, Roadtohealth includes health screenings, eye tests and discounted gym membership.
Chief executive Alistair Wickens said: “ItÂ’s all about getting employees to take responsibility for their health and take a proactive attitude.”
As part of the scheme workers get a half hour health screening and lifestyle assessment, which can be delivered either in the workplace or at partner pharmacies or healthclubs.
After the screenings, employees get a risk assessment and can surf an online health advice site, featuring diet sheets, menu cards and home exercise programmes.
Staff can also take advantage of free eye tests and weekend passes to Livingwell health clubs.
The company will use the data they build up to offer tips on how to create a healthier work culture.
Wickens added that he hoped the scheme would make staff more motivated. “One employee came to us and said theyÂ’ve pulled their exercise bike down, dusted it off and started to use it.”