EAPs and pensions top core benefits offered to all staff

Employee assistance programmes (EAPs), other types of counselling, and pensions are the top core benefits offered to all employees, according to The Benefits Research 2014, which was carried out among 256 respondents in March 2014.


Over the past decade, EAPs have undergone significant growth in popularity as a core benefit for all employees.

This year, 80% of respondents that offer EAPs do so as a core benefit for all staff, making them the second most common benefit offered on this basis.

This rise may have been driven by employers’ desire to support employees suffering from stress and mental health issues as they become more aware of the issues at play. 

The proportion of respondents offering a group personal pension (GPP) plan as a core benefit to all employees has also continued to rise.

This year’s increase may be due to employers’ compliance with auto-enrolment, as more organisations have reached their staging dates and introduced new pension schemes to meet their obligations.

The proportion of respondents that offer core benefits for staff has changed little over the years.

Although the figures have fluctuated slightly, this may be due to the sample size. This year, 59% provide core benefits for all employees and 21% do so for some staff.


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