EXCLUSIVE: 39% rank the intranet as a very valuable technology for benefits

EXCLUSIVE: More than a third (39%) of employer respondents rank their intranet as a very valuable form of benefits technology, according to research by Employee Benefits and Staffcare.

The Employee Benefits/Staffcare Benefits research 2017, which surveyed 271 employer respondents in February-March 2017, also found that 32% of respondents rank a reward portal that includes flexible benefits as very valuable.

Overall, respondents perceive more traditional, established forms of technology to hold much greater value for their organisation than some of the newer technological developments to enter the market.

On a rating scale of one to five, with five being very valuable and one not being at all valuable, respondents primarily scored intranet sites, reward portals, both with and without flexible benefits, and external websites owned by a provider or consultancy at the higher end of the rating scale. Of the newer forms of technology, smartphone or tablet apps are continuing to gradually rise in perceived value.

When it comes to the segments of respondents’ employee base that are most likely to use each type of benefits technology, intranet sites are the most commonly used across all age groups.