BBC awarded 10% pay rise to more than 1,700 staff in 2016


The BBC awarded a pay increase worth more than 10% of salary to 1,763 employees in 2016.

The rises, which were given to just over 9% of the broadcaster’s total workforce, were awarded to reflect workforce promotions and employees taking on greater responsibilities.

Details of the salary increases were released following a Freedom of Information request submitted by The Sun.

A BBC spokesperson said: “BBC staff received a 1% pay rise last year but in any large organisation, especially when making significant back office savings like the BBC, there will be people who are promoted or take on significant extra responsibilities which will be reflected in their salary.”

A report published in April 2017 by the National Audit Office, Managing the BBC’s workforce, stated: “The BBC has adhered to a consistent set of strategic objectives that have shaped its approach to workforce management. These have included: reducing payroll staff costs and numbers; investing in new areas of activity to enhance and grow the BBC’s range of services; reducing the cost and number of senior managers; moving more staff posts outside London; increasing diversity; and simplifying and standardising the corporation’s organisational design.”