Spark commits to higher pay benchmark for staff

New Zealand Dollars

New Zealand-based telecommunications organisation Spark has committed to a higher pay benchmark for staff.

Under the organisation’s Spark Pay scheme, all non-commission based full-time employees will earn a minimum of $40,000 (£30,729) a year.

Commission-based employees will be able to earn an average of $42,000 (£32,266) a year, although take home pay could exceed this if employees outperform targets.

The organisation, which employs 5,000 full and part-time members of staff, has committed to the pay benchmark with the aim of ensuring all staff receive a fair and competitive wage.

Thus far, the organisation’s pay policy has benefitted 250 employees, who have received pay rises over the last two years to bring them up to the higher level.

Staff also receive an employee benefits package that is valued at an estimated $2,500 (£1,920) annually.

Benefits offered at Spark include $150 (£115)-worth of Spark account credit, life insurance, income protection, and critical illness insurance, an employee share scheme, holiday purchase scheme, paid volunteering leave, and a flexible working policy, which includes adjusted hours during the summer so that Friday afternoons can be taken off.

Danielle George, general manager of HR at Spark, said: “We’ve looked at what other [organisations] have done or are doing, but decided our best approach was to talk to our own people, listen to them and figure out what works best for them; and the [organisation]. As one of the largest technology employers in New Zealand, we believe it’s vitally important that our people are paid at a level that recognises the complexity of our industry, yet is at a level for us to remain competitive.

“We want to do the right thing for our people and to attract the best people to a career in Spark: if that sets a standard that encourages others to follow, that’s got to be a good thing for New Zealand. We’ve tried to come up with innovative ways of rewarding, recognising and compensating our people.

“We have revised our entire value proposition, exploring how we can best deliver base pay and meaningful benefits, all designed to meet the needs of a very diverse workforce.”