Sasto Deal introduces menstrual leave policy


Online retail organisation Sasto Deal has introduced a menstrual leave policy for female staff.

The Nepal-based organisation, which has a total of 40 employees, introduced the menstrual leave initiative in July 2016 after Amun Thapa, founder and chief executive officer at Sasto Deal, discussed issues that may impact women in the workplace with his wife.

The policy aims to provide support and flexibility to employees who experience pain during their period by giving them the option of working from home or taking rest days if they wish to.

Thapa said: “We believe in productivity in [terms of] results and not hours. So [if] the employee feels more comfortable working from home during their menstrual cycle, then we’re completely okay with that. And in other cases, they [might opt to] stay [at home] and not work but get rest [instead], which is also completely okay.

“It’s too early to comment [on how the policy has been received]; however, female staff are delighted and male staff are also supportive of this matter.”