Workplace should promote mental wellbeing

More than four-fifths (85%) of respondents believe they have a significant responsibility to provide staff with a working environment that promotes mental wellbeing, according to research by Buck Consultants at Xerox.


Its survey of more than 400 employers across 31 countries also revealed that 28% of UK employers rate stress levels in their organisation as being either high or very high.

The research also found that:

  • 12% of UK respondents say the stress levels in their workplace are low or very low.
  • More than half (51%) of respondents rate their organisation as very or extremely supportive of employees’ mental wellbeing.
  • 67% believe that this support for the mental wellbeing of staff stems from the culture of the organisation.

Anne-Marie Ayre (pictured), head of health and productivity at Buck Consultants at Xerox, said: “Employee wellness can be a challenging proposition for employers to think about, but it’s encouraging to see so many acknowledging and addressing the importance of mental wellbeing in the workplace.

“A good employee programme will not only address the more obvious physical wellbeing, but tackle a wide range of issues, including the perhaps less obvious areas, such as mental health and financial wellbeing.

“The benefits of having a successful wellness programme are felt throughout any business, because once the wellbeing of employees is being cared for, they can effectively fulfil their duties and drive the [organisation] forward.”