Workers at Stansted Airport to strike over pay

Stansted Airport-pay strike-2015

Some 30 security scanner operation staff at Stansted Airport plan to take industrial strike action over a pay rise dispute. 

The security scanner operators were offered a salary increase of 1.5%, which they rejected.They are calling for a pay rise of 3%.

The strikes, which are planned for 23 and 31 of August, were voted for by 87% of the 80% of staff that opted to vote.

The 30 staff are members of the National Union of General and Municipal Workers (GMB). They are directly employed by private contractor Mitie.

GMB negotiators have asked the independent conciliator ACAS to assist in arranging a meeting with Mitie in time to avert the need for industrial action. Mitie has responded with an offer of a meeting on 3 September.

Gary Pearce, organiser at the National Union of General and Municipal Workers, said: “Mitie shareholders saw a 7% increase in dividends for 2014 and Mitie achieved a 13.5% increase in profits after tax, which compares to the 1.5% pay offer rejected by members.

”The total cost to the [organisation] of the 3% pay rise is around £24,000 per year […] The 1.5% offer that was rejected is less than the average pay rise in the private sector of 2.7%.”

A spokesperson from Mitie said: “We have just been informed by the union of two potential dates for strike action. We are hopeful that this can be resolved using ACAS over the next few days but in the event that industrial action does happen we have contingency plans in place.”