Hear why benefits must suit employers’ internal culture

Lancaster Neil-Gamestec Lesuire-2015

Employee benefits must be adapted to suit an organisation’s internal culture and its workforce in order to boost engagement, according to Dr Neil Lancaster (pictured), people and social responsibility director at Gamestec Leisure.   

He will discuss this and other cost-effective strategies for boosting staff engagement at Employee Benefits Live 2015 on 21 September.

Lancaster believes that employers must strike the balance between ensuring benefits suit an organisation’s budget as well as its needs. He said: “Employee benefits need to be culturally fitting to the organisation and what [it] can afford.

“There is no point in breaking the bank to provide something that won’t give [employers] much value back from staff.”

Employers must also recognise the difference between attracting and retaining staff and actively engaging them, said Lancaster. “Attracting and retaining employees is pretty much the same for all businesses, but engagement is different and relies on what the organisation itself is like.”

He added that integrating benefits to create a single employee benefits package is at the heart of Gamestec Leisure’s strategy for its 650 staff. Lancaster said: “Integration of benefits allows you to be seen as a good employer so you need to consider how any new benefits will fit in with the rest of the [package] and what you’re trying to achieve.”

Speaking alongside Lancaster will be Jamie Ryan, director at Millers Oils.

Employee Benefits Live 2015 will take place at Olympia National, London, on 21-22 September.

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