Q Care launches car pool scheme


EXCLUSIVE: Q Care has launched a car pool scheme for its 600 employees. 

The domiciliary care organisation is offering staff a contract hire agreement with provider Lex Autolease, leasing 28 cars with plans to extend this to 100.

Its previous travel arrangement meant employees had to use personal cars for business travel and were paid fuel compensation.

The new scheme has helped generate savings of around 12.5% for the organisation, which will be reinvested in training and improving services.

Tony Dainty (pictured), managing director of Q Care, said: “We believe that providing the best care starts with hiring the best staff, who are encouraged to see caring as a career.

“By offering incentives, such as pool cars, we can continue to attract and retain the brightest and best carers to our workforce.

“However, our desire to incentivise our staff had to balance with reducing our car costs. Working with Lex Autolease has enabled us to find an arrangement, which is both good value and excellent quality.”