DOD’s blog: More wine, less cycling

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How many of you have succumbed to one of these mobile wellbeing apps or bracelets?

A few years ago we hadn’t even heard of them, now large numbers of people rely on them and their entry into UK workplace wellbeing programmes must be imminent (perhaps an employer is already using them for staff? If so, do tell).

I have gone as far as downloading a 69 pence app that tells me how I well or badly slept, wakes me up in light (as opposed to deep) sleep, allows me to monitor the impact of a variety of behaviours on my sleep quality and gives me a daily heart rate reading.

Having used it for a few months, I have learnt that having a glass of alcohol at lunchtime has a positive impact (I am measuring night time sleep here, not my ability to function in the afternoon!) but cycling to and from work has a marginally negative impact.

This does not mean that I am about to take up daytime drinking and stop exercising.

But it does tell me that we need to remember that while technology is an aid, it cannot (yet) replace human common sense. Just think of all those people who drive into rivers because their satnav told them too.

Health apps have their uses, but proceed with caution.

Debi O’Donovan


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