Zenith launches greenhouse gas emission tool

Zenith has launched a reporting tool to help employers document greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in their company car fleet and comply with new reporting regulations coming in from October 2013.

The product shows GHG emissions across a whole fleet, by car, by manufacturer and split out by types of greenhouse gas.

From October 2013, new regulations will require UK employers that are listed on the London Stock Exchange to report on their GHG emissions as part of their annual report.

The regulations will require GHGs to be calculated by miles travelled and car type, rather than actual fuel used.

It includes reporting on greenhouse gases, including methane and nitrous oxides, not just CO2 emissions.

Ian Hughes, commercial director at Zenith, said: “Although the new regulations apply to several of our [employer] customers, this new reporting tool will help all our [employer] customers to have more transparency on fleet emissions and assist in making decisions and policy changes to reduce environmental impact.”