VIDEO: Susan Gee: It is shortsighted not to invest in staff wellbeing

It is shortsighted not to invest in employee health and wellbeing, said Susan Gee, employee health and wellbeing manager at Yorkshire Water, in an interview with Debbie Lovewell, deputy editor of Employee Benefits.

She added: “When you employ someone, they have got skills that are going to help you achieve your business outcomes.

“In order to do that, when they come to work, they need to be well, they need to be engaged and they need to be physiologically and psychologically well.

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“It’s in your interest to make sure the person you’re bringing into your organisation has got the capacity to function at a high level most of the time.”

Gee spoke about whether health and wellbeing solutions are worth investing in at the Employee Benefits Summit in Alicante, Spain on 25 June.