TinyPulse enhances staff motivation product

TinyPulse has enhanced its recognition product by adding in the ability for employees to recognise colleagues and to make suggestions to their employer.

The product, which was launched in September 2012, was developed by entrepreneur David Niu to help employers keep their finger on the pulse of employee happiness.

Its employer clients include Amazon, Buuteeq, HubSpot and Moz.

Employers can use the product to send out a weekly one-question survey to all employees that have signed up through its online system. The survey results are displayed in charts and can be compared against the benchmark average of other organisations that use the product.

The product’s added features include:

  • Cheers for Peers, which allows employees to recognise colleagues.
  • Virtual suggestions, which allow employees to make suggestions to their employer and receive feedback in response.
  • Employers are now able to customise their own weekly survey question, rather than using the TinyPulse’s standard question.

Forest Key, chief executive officer of Buuteeq, which has used the product since September 2012, said: “Whether you are managing a 10-person start-up, a mid-size employer or a work group within an organisation, the ease of use and actionable insights that TinyPulse generates are transformational.”