No correlation between pride and pay

There is no correlation between professional pride and pay, ,according to research by recruitment firm Randstad Financial and Professional.

The research, which surveyed more than 2,000 employees across 20 different sectors, found that insurance professionals, who have the most professional pride of any UK sector, receive a higher-than-average salary of £639.50 per week. This compares to the UK weekly average of £505.90.

However, property professionals who are paid less than the national average with weekly earnings of £479.40, report the second highest levels of professional pride in the UK.

The research also found that accountants receive an average of £639.50 per week, but are the second least happy of all sectors in the UK.

Tara Ricks, managing director of Randstad Financial and Professional, said: “There are clearly a variety of factors at play here. 

“We know that professional pride among employees isn’t just about pay. It relates to an intrinsic sense of what working in that profession means to them. 

“Many of those working in insurance, financial services and accountancy receive generous salaries, but this doesn’t always instil pride in the workplace.”