Gold, always believe in your weight-loss goals

Something for the weekend…

Dust off those Spandau Ballet vinyls, plunder Fort Knox and pull out those gold fillings, because the precious metal may help to fight obesity.

At least, that is, according to a new health scheme that has been launched in the oil-rich emirate of Dubai.

The Your weight in gold challenge, which will see Dubai’s government pay residents in gold for losing extra pounds, was launched to coincide with Ramadan.

Some people scoff down dishes burgeoning with weight-gain nasties, including fat and sugar, following the annual fast. So, the Dubai civic authority will award citizens a gram of gold (worth £31) for every kilogram they drop by 16 August to discourage gluttonous behaviour.

The top three dieters can win gold coins worth up to 20,000 dirhams (approx £3,579), but the contestants have to lose a minimum of two kilograms to qualify for the contest.

The health scheme could easily be duplicated in the UK, but employers, other than the Bank of England, may want to use Monopoly money.