Team Tactics seeks professional cuddlers to run corporate team building events


Something for the weekend: Corporate events organisation Team Tactics is helping colleagues to cosy up by hiring a professional cuddler to run team building sessions.

The ‘Cuddle a co-worker’ event, which launched this week, is a one-day team bonding event for groups of between four and 20 employees. Set in specifically designed Moroccan and Indian-themed relaxation tents, complete with incense, oil lamps, bean bags and relaxation beds, employees are required to cuddle their colleagues in a variety of different positions throughout the day.

Employees are able to share the cuddling love by switching hug partners every two hours, ensuring that they enjoy time with everyone within their team.

The ‘Cuddle a co-worker’ event starts with a group admission session, where employees can discuss negative traits of their colleagues, speak out about workplace issues and clear the air. Employees can also take part in a group cuddling session, which is held during the last hour of the day, as well as a conflict resolution cuddle session.

Team Tactics are hiring a professional cuddler to run up to four ‘Cuddle a co-worker’ sessions a week. Potential candidates will need to have experience in a similar role and a background or qualification in psychology. The chosen cuddler will be paid well for their snuggling expertise, with the position paying around £30 an hour.

Tina Benson, managing director at Team Tactics, said: “Team building is at the centre of our business, and we’re always looking for new ways to help employees across the UK become more connected with their colleagues.

“We know it’s something completely new and it might not be for everyone, but the science is already there; we’re just putting it to the test.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we think this certainly makes for an unusual team building activity that could foster very close working relationships. The question is whether this is a skill that employees can take back to the office…