John Lennon airport employees strike in pay dispute

John Lennon airport

Around 80 employees who work at John Lennon airport in Liverpool, and who are members of the GMB trade union, are beginning strike action today (Thursday 23 August 2018) in a dispute over pay.

The 36-hour strike will commence at 7.00pm this evening and continue until 7.00am on Saturday 25 August 2018. This is due to be followed by a further planned 12-hour strike beginning on Monday 3 September 2018 at 7.00am.

The dispute concerns GMB members’ rejection of the most recent pay offer proposed by John Lennon airport management. The airport suggested a pay increase of 2%. Following this, GMB members voted in the majority for strike action.

Employees participating in the strike include aviation rescue and firefighting services staff, as well as employees based in the airport’s control room, engineering and driver operations and airport bird control.

Eddie Parker, organiser at GMB, said: “Liverpool Airport has failed to meet the aspirations of the GMB members, who have rejected the [organisation’s] proposed below inflation pay offer of 2%. We have informed the [organisation] strike action will not be suspended unless a 3.6% increase is offered.

“The [organisation] has allegedly employed outside third party [organisations] to undertake the responsibilities presently undertaken by the aviation rescue and firefighting service and bird control personnel. GMB is currently unaware whether the outside agency workers have the necessary specialised skill set and personal fitness standards required to undertake these specialist roles.

“[While] Liverpool Airport has financially invested in developing the airport over recent years, the same sadly cannot be said of their investment in their employees, who have had enough of being taken for granted by their employer.”

John Lennon airport was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.