Ferrero Group branch offers paid training course to facilitate chocolate taste testing

Nutella Ferrero Group

Something for the weekend: Soremartec Italia, the well-known branch of Italian food organisation Ferrero Group, which Nutella, Kinder Bueno and Ferrero Rocher, is offering a paid training course to educate potential employees on how to taste test chocolate.

Advertised on Italian recruitment site Openjobmetis, the Italian chocolate specialist, based in Alba, is currently seeking 60 new sensory judges to taste test the organisation’s various confectionery products.

As part of the recruitment process, Soremartec Italia will be providing an employer-funded, three-month training course, starting in September, on how to taste cocoa, hazelnuts and other semi-sweet products. This will aim to educate prospective sensory judges on how to enhance their senses of smell and taste, as well as improving their ability to verbally express the flavour nuances of the products.

On the conclusion of the three-month course, eligible candidates will receive a part-time contract for two hours of work, twice a week.

Here at Employee Benefits, we can certainly see the value of paid, on-the-job training, and the additional perk of chomping down on delicious chocolate treats for a solid three months sounds like a dream come true…