Extracurricular clubs rank as most popular employee benefit

employee benefits

Extracurricular clubs, such as arts and crafts sessions and book clubs, rank as the most popular employee benefit, with a perceived value score of 97.57 out of 100, according to research by engagement and motivation organisation Perkbox.

The 2018 Great Perk Search report, which surveyed 2,315 UK employees, found that community-based activities, such as pool tables, ping pong tables and office sports teams, are the next most popular perks, beating more traditional benefits like private healthcare, which ranked 16th, and discounted gym memberships, which ranked 35th out of the top 50.

Of the benefits that respondents are currently receiving, 30% have access to free coffee and hot drinks; this is the ninth most popular benefit. A further 30% attend Christmas parties and 29% are able to work flexible hours. In contrast, only 2% of respondents are able to bring to their dog to work with them, although this tallies with this benefit ranking as the 50th most popular, with a perceived value score of 46.64 out of 100.

Under a third (29%) of respondents value the opportunity to attend language classes, although other hobby-based benefits employers could consider include cooking and baking classes (20%), craft sessions (18%), dance classes (17%), art classes (15%) and organisational fitness challenges, such as marathons (15%).

Around 31% of respondents would feel valued for their work if hobby-related clubs and sports teams were offered at their workplace, while 20% believe they would be more productive and 27% would be more loyal to the organisation. Nevertheless, 48% of respondents still want access to benefits that can save them money in their personal lives.

Chieu Cao, chief marketing officer and co-founder at Perkbox, said: “The second wave of Generation Z graduates are entering the workplace for the very first time this year. Therefore, it’s critical that employers offer the benefits [Generation] Z crave in order to attract and retain the very best talent from this demographic.

“It’s good news for employers that [Generation] Z value simple perks the most. Wherever possible, employers should have workforce benefits in place, especially as they cost so little, especially for desired perks such as hot drinks and flexi-hours. Yet the [return-on-investment] for employers investing in these types of workplace benefits would be substantial.”