Modelling dream job could reap £40,624 average salary


Something for the weekend: Employees daydreaming about being the next Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell may be interested to discover that their dream job could earn them an average salary of £40,624 a year, according to research by job search website Indeed.

The analysis, which looked at average salaries based on a 37.5 hour working week as of 21 August 2018, also found that aspiring fashion buyers could receive an average annual salary of £31,404, while those looking to pound the pavements as a private investigator might earn £29,637 as an average salary.

Green fingered individuals may be interested to find out that horticulturists earn an average salary of £17,101, which equates to £8.77 an hour, while pet lovers may be inspired to give dog walking a try as their next career, with an average salary of £24,219, or £12.42 an hour. Food technologists, on the other hand, have an average salary of £26,207, compared to pen-wielding journalists, who earn £25,146 a year on average.

Wine experts may view being a sommelier as their dream job; this could earn an average salary of £23,114. An in-ground football correspondent, meanwhile, can expect an average salary of £20,628, while a wedding planner could receive £19,491.

Bill Richards, UK managing director at Indeed, said: “Having a job that allows us to feel truly fulfilled is something worth chasing, and it can be mutually beneficial. For employers, finding an employee who is entirely suited to the role will lead to more innovative and committed team players whose intuition and drive can lead to better results.

“The jobs we have identified on our list combine leisure hobbies with bringing home a solid salary. By striking a balance between the two, people are able to become masters of their field, and their own destinies. When [employees] spend the majority of [their] day doing something [they] love, [they] will be even prouder of the work [they] produce.

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“By highlighting that many dream jobs are within touching distance, we hope this will inspire people to invest in themselves and achieve fulfilment both personally and professionally.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we are chuffed that many consider being a journalist a dream job, just like we do. We might be tempted to try and nab a model’s salary if we had the chance, though…