Party game Cards Against Humanity seeks joke writers

Cards Against Humanity

Something for the weekend: Popular party game Cards Against Humanity is hiring new writers to dream up punchy jokes for its iconic black and white cards.

The notoriously risqué group game involves matching a black card, which features a scenario, statement or question, with a white card that details items, people or activities. The white cards are designed to fill in the blanks on the black card to create a joke or witticism, with the winner being the individual who forms the funniest combination with their white card contribution.

Being funny clearly pays dividends, as the chosen writers, who will join a pool of remote contributors that produce jokes for the card game, will earn $40 (£31.13) an hour.

With an array of subject matter featuring in the game, Cards Against Humanity is also keen to promote diversity in its new hires, as the advert looks to “strongly encourage applicants from historically marginalised communities to apply, particularly people of colour, immigrants and members of the [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer plus] community.”

Interested authors have to write 15 white cards and five black cards for their application. The deadline for submissions is 31 August 2018.

Here at Employee Benefits, we think this sounds like a cracking opportunity to hone comedic talent while earning a wage. We wonder if a benefits version of Cards Against Humanity would go down well in HR circles…