Huntsman aims for full flexible benefits

EXCLUSIVE: Huntsman, the global chemicals manufacturer, is treating the flexible benefits programme it launched in January as a three-year pilot.

Speaking at Employee Benefits Live Asia in Singapore in August, Hans Han, head of compensation and benefits Asia Pacific at Huntsman, explained that employee communication and feedback was ongoing.

Huntsman, which employs 12,000 staff globally, opted for flexible benefits because it had grown through acquisition, becoming five companies in one and needing to integrate.

Also, its medical reimbursement for private treatment for staff was unlimited and it wanted to reduce this financial risk.

The company is using Survey Monkey to get staff feedback, as well as reacting to issues as they crop up.

For example, some staff who had used the traditional plan did not realise there was a cap on medical expenditure and expected a top-up when they had spent both the core and flex amount. Han added: “Some communication still needs to be done.

“We are treating it as a three-year pilot programme and will continue to get feedback from employees until it is tailored for Huntsman,” he said. “We will add more features and benefits until we get to full flex.”

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