Case study: Vinci builds childcare voucher take-up

Construction firm Vinci UK launched a communications campaign early this year to refresh its 4,000 employees’ knowledge of its childcare voucher scheme.

The campaign, created with Vinci’s provider, Computershare Voucher Services, included benefits roadshows, online slides, posters and material in its maternity- and paternity-leave packages.

Campaign content highlighted the variety of childcare services for which vouchers can be used.

Gemma Concannon, benefits manager at Vinci UK, says: “People seem to have a misconception that the vouchers are just for nurseries. They can be used for a wide range of childcare, such as after-school clubs, and we wanted to get that message out.”

Within the first few weeks of the communications campaign, the employer’s voucher take-up increased by 7%.

Concannon adds: “The vouchers are a way for people to increase their take-home pay. It is a really sensible thing to do.”

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