Case study: Sellafield powers up communication on childcare vouchers

Nuclear reprocessing site Sellafield has offered its 9,500 UK employees childcare vouchers for many years, but it continues to refresh its communications to ensure the value of the benefit is fully understood.

Common employee questions include: Where can the vouchers be used? What kind of childcare is covered? How much saving can staff make based on their salary? Are both parents entitled to vouchers?

Joanne Meloy, compensation and benefits adviser at Sellafield, says: “We have a real peak of female employees who take the vouchers, so we are working on targeting the dads.

“We have a lot of same-family parents working with us, because we are the biggest employer in west Cumbria.
“Communication is around pointing out to them that both parents can use the benefit.”

Sellafield’s childcare voucher communications are featured on the benefits section of its HR intranet site, along with links to its provider, Computershare Voucher Services.

The benefit is also communicated to employees through childcare voucher roadshows, flyers and booklets, and on posters on Sellafield’s onsite noticeboards. The perk is also publicised in the firm’s maternity guidelines and family benefits booklet.

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