Aegon redesigns pension scheme websites

Aegon has redesigned the websites it provides to employers offering its pension schemes in order to encourage employees to make full use of the information and tools available to them and actively manage their pension.

The pension scheme provider has added new sections to the sites providing information to staff who have not joined the scheme as well as existing members. It has also made increased usage of online video footage, which contains web links providing further information.

In addition, Aegon has improved the calculators on the site to include 3D graphs and bar charts to help employees understand their pension and see what they could get when they start to take their benefits.

Other changes include the introduction of a live news ticker tape featuring pensions and investment-related stories, as well as improved navigation options,

Ross Jackson, head of marketing communications at Aegon, said: “Member engagement is vital to ensuring employees get the most out of their employer’s pension scheme. We are constantly looking at ways to improve member engagement in their financial planning.

“We know scheme participation is improved by educating employees about their long-term financial planning and guiding them to make appropriate choices. But we also want to encourage employees to actively engage with their company pension throughout their lifetime and not just at the point of joining.”

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