Bright Horizons partners with the NCT

Bright Horizons has partnered with the NCT to make materials available to employers to provide employees that are preparing for parenthood. 

The materials include information packs, courses and newsletter articles.

Carole Edmond, managing director of Bright Horizons, said: “We know that so many of our nursery families have already benefited, through pregnancy and the early days, from the support they received from their local NCT classes.

“For those parents who then go on to choose nursery care for their child, our commitment is to continue to support them by providing the care that will help them to balance their home and work responsibilities, and to closely link learning at nursery and at home.”

Sally Horrox, director of marketing and corporate communications at the NCT, added: “We know that leaving work to have a baby and returning after maternity or paternity leave can be a difficult transition.

“We are pleased to be working together with Bright Horizons to let expectant and new parents know about the support which is available locally, and all the options open to them to make the transition as smooth as possible.”

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