Scottish Power extends total reward statements to all staff

Scottish Power has extended total reward statements (TRS) to all of its 6,000 employees.

The company previously offered paper-based statements to 120 senior managers, but withdrew these in 2008 after eight years. Jenny Brown, senior reward consultant at Scottish Power, said: “We stopped the paper TRS for senior managers when we implemented our new HR system as there were options with the new system to develop online TRS, which could then be rolled out to all employees with the added benefit that the online system would update daily.”

The new statements will include details of employees’ base pay, bonuses, pension contributions, employer contributions to the share incentive plan and sharesave scheme, cars, private medical insurance, and voluntary benefits. Brown said: “Staff cannot see the value [of perks] because they are taken as separate items and the overall cumulative value is lost.

The statements also highlight the benefits staff are not taking advantage of, and there is a section detailing the company’s policy on flexible working, family-friendly leave, enhanced maternity provisions, occupational health services and on-site gyms.

There is also a feedback feature in the TRS. Brown said: “The response from staff has been positive.”

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