Working parents feel more supported by employers

Working parents feel more supported in the workplace than ever, according to data from Axa Icas.

Calls from worried parents and parents-to-be to the provider’s LifeManagement Employee Support Helpline have dropped by 59% as parents achieve a better work-life balance.

Jean Wilcock, operations manager of LifeManagement Services, said: “The introduction of legislation supporting parents who work and are looking to go back to work after having a child, has increased over the last five years.

“Changes such as flexible working, childcare support and changes in maternity and paternity rights have helped achieve more balance in their home lives while also being able to pursue professional success.

“Axa Icas is encouraging organisations to invest in their employees for the long term. Employee turnover costs can be as much as £12,000 per employee, whereas investing in staff by providing adequate health and wellbeing support, including maternity and childcare support, will only cost a fraction of that.”

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