NHS Employers launches retirement resource pack for staff

NHS Employers has published a resource pack that will help all NHS trusts provide a range of retirement options to their staff.

The resource pack sets out how the NHS pension scheme can be used to attract and retain skills.

This enables employers to explore a range of retirement options for staff such as: winding down to fewer working days or hours; step down into a less demanding, lower-graded post; retire and return to the NHS; or draw down by taking part of their pension benefits while continuing in NHS employment.

Gill Bellord, director of core services for NHS Employers, said: “With a large number of highly skilled NHS staff approaching retirement age it is critical that we retain the talent and experience of the staff who are keen to continue working.

“Evidence has shown that although many staff approaching retirement age would like to keep working they would prefer to work in a different way, for example, part time or in a less demanding role.

“The future delivery of care depends on successfully managing the working patterns of the most experienced staff to enable them to continue working in a way that suits their lifestyle and which does not adversely affect their income on retirement.

“The NHS pension scheme retirement resource pack aims to ensure that managers are equipped to inform staff and promote the pension scheme’s role in managing flexible working,” said Bellord.

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