Grant Thornton staff take up health and wellbeing plan

Since Grant Thornton introduced a new health and wellbeing programme to its 200 partners, 40 employees have taken advantage of the offering.

The two-day programme away from the office incorporates the latest developments in medicine, nutrition, exercise and fitness, neuroscience, cognitive, behavioural and occupational psychology to inform a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to optimise health and wellbeing. 

Half-day modules are mandatory for new partners soon after they are appointed, and then partners can choose to attend the two-day programme once they have been with the firm for a couple of years. Another half-day module will be run 12 to 18 months after that. The programme is provided by consultancy Positive Health Strategies, 

Jenny Balme, national director – partner support unit for Grant Thornton UK, said: “The results of our initial work with Positive Health Strategies have been very encouraging.

“In addition to improving the wellbeing of our partners, the programme we have introduced has helped to raise understanding and awareness around the causes and impact of work-related stress, improve management capabilities and remove the stigma that can be associated with stress-related illnesses.

“The feedback has been so positive from those who have participated that other partners are now self-selecting and/or recommending their colleagues. Given they are all busy professionals, this is a great outcome. Every participant has found changes they can incorporate into their lives that  have made a difference to them and therefore their ability to operate at the highest level.”

Dr Brian Marien, founder of Positive Health Strategies, added: “It has been rewarding to work collaboratively with a progressive organisation which truly understands the benefits of taking a comprehensive, rigorous, scientific approach to employee wellbeing.

“Improving awareness, reducing stigma, addressing organisational and individual risk factors, and accelerating access to evidence-based treatment for any individual who becomes unwell is now becoming recognised as the hallmark of an informed and responsible employer.”

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