Befriending colleagues on Facebook could lead to red faces all round

According to The Protection Gap survey, commissioned by Abbey Legal Protection, 36% of UK employees have been sent a friendship request on Facebook by a colleague, boss or client.

The survey shows that one in five workers have photos accessible for colleagues to see on Facebook. More than a quarter of both CEOs and senior managers have been asked to befriend an employee, boss or client on Facebook.

One in five of workers between the ages of 18 and 24 have found their Facebook knowledge used in a workplace situation.

Workers in London are far more likely to have been asked to befriend a colleague, boss or client on Facebook than workers in the North or Scotland at 42%, 32% and 33% respectively.

The EB team feel that this could lead to a number of embarrassing disclosures that could rattle Facebook users in the workplace.

Bosses might shiver with fear at the thought of a team member driving the company car after a Facebook update and photos showing the disturbing effects of their indulgences the night before.

Meanwhile, a senior manager might not be best pleased to see they have been tagged in a photo clearly showing them slobbering over the intern at the Christmas party.

Or a staff member befriended by their manager might unthinkingly update his or her status to announce they have pulled a ‘sickie’ because they were hungover or went to a job interview.