Australia lures British workers with exotic jobs

News that an Australian state is trying to lure British workers into exotic jobs, such as a shark tagger, koala catcher and beer taster, raises interesting questions about reward and benefits.

Other jobs advertised as part of the South Australian government’s campaign to encourage 18 to 30-year-old UK employees to come on a working holiday visa include a shark personality profiler, a fairy penguin home remodeller and a ‘roo poo’ harvester.

Talking to Reuters Life!, South Australia’s London-based agent general Bill Muirhead, said: “This is not about one job everyone has to compete for, but rather about showing people that South Australia offers more exciting work and travel options than anywhere else in the world.

The EB team is wondering if it would be appropriate to offer life assurance or private medical insurance for someone undertaking the role of shark tagger?

Meanwhile, a target-driven bonus scheme, which pays out for every animal caught might be suitable for the koala catcher, but a similar system for the beer taster could be counterproductive.