Apcoa launches eyecare benefits

Parking management service firm Apcoa has launched corporate eyecare benefits, provided by Specsavers, to meet its requirements under the health and safety Display Screen Equipment Regulations.

Of its 2,500 employees, around 100 are classed as users of display screen equipment. This includes those using traditional PCs, CCTV monitoring personnel and those using hand-held screens. Under the 1992 Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations (amended in 2002), employers must provide all employees who use visual display units (VDUs) with eye tests, when requested, and glasses, if required.

Seth Hack, health and safety manager at Apcoa, said: “Specsavers offers fantastic value for money and, as it is a recognised high street brand, our employees have no difficulty in accessing the service and they value the ease of use.

“From a health and safety perspective, I value the fact we are meeting our statutory requirement. From a commercial point of view, it is excellent value for money and as we now have a centralised process for distributing the vouchers, we can monitor use and spend year on year.”

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