JLT Online Benefits launches integrated employee benefits system

JLT Online Benefits has launched an online integrated benefits management system.

The system uses a single database of staff information, which is uploaded by the organisation. This can then be linked with a variety of perks, including pensions, flexible benefits plans, and risk and healthcare perks. 

Charlie Carrick, sales director at JLT Online Benefits, said: “We have used as much straight-through processing (STP) and automation as possible, so employers, staff and providers have very little administration.”

For example, the system’s interactive, personalised pensions modeller enables staff to adjust their retirement age, monthly contribution rate and total pension pot wanted on retirement. Using STP, the system automatically informs payroll and the pension provider of any changes made.

Staff can also receive monthly text messages or emails setting out how their funds are performing and how much they have invested.

Carrick said the system is designed to be an international platform for global organisations.

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